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3 Things to Ask Your Photographer

Picking a photographer is so important. This is the person you're trusting to capture your special day. You will form a relationship with that person and spend the majority of your wedding day with them. Here are three important questions to ask before booking. 

1. Can we meet?

This seems super silly. But, it's an important question. Like I said before, you will spend a lot of time with this person before and on your wedding day. It's important that you mesh and you jive. Just because a photographer has good work, doesn't mean they are right for you. Make sure to hire some one you just click with! Bonus: it'll help you feel comfortable and confident during your portrait sessions with them. 

2. How experienced are you? 

Hate to say it. But there is a huge difference between a newbie photographer charging beginner rates and a seasoned photographer. A beginner photographer has to learn somewhere, but you will be paying them to make mistakes. They may still be learning how to navigate big groups, slimming people, creating genuine interaction between their clients, and nailing a sparkler exit (which is way harder than it seems!)

3. Can I see a full wedding?

Yes - a FULL wedding gallery. Maybe even two! This will help give you a realistic idea of what you will get on your wedding day. Most photographers only post the best of the best shots in their portfolio. What you need to see are the 100 other shots they gave that client. You'd be surprised how many photographers best photos are from "stylized shoots" where they have a flawless model in a perfectly lit white studio who has been posed by someone else. You want to make sure they can work with real people in real situations.  

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