Smear of Cream



Good preparation is always important for newborn sessions! Here are some tips and tricks to help make your session awesome! 

1. Your newborn's photos should be taken within the first 5 - 10 days (if possible). If your baby was born pre-mature or you have circumstances that prevent this - consult with me and we will come up with a game plan that is perfect for your babe! 

2. Before your session, make sure your baby has been kept awake before the session and then is well-fed right before we start so they are nice and sleepy! Before you feed him/her - make sure they are stripped down to a diaper so we don't get them all sleepy, and then wake them up by changing them. 

3. We will have a consultation beforehand where we will discuss colors, themes, props, etc. Think about what you want out of your session, where you want to hang these images, and what products you want. This will help me bring blankets and props that will match your preferences!