A year or so ago, I saw this news post  about people taking photos in Hobby Lobby and calling it the "Hobby Lobby Challenge." The goal is to make beautiful looking portraits in the Hobby Lobby store. I've been wanting to try this for a year and finally put it on my schedule and, luckily, the beautiful Dalia was down for all of my crazy ideas. I think she may have loved it more than I did! 

To be respectful, we went on a day where the florals weren't on sale (less people, ideally), didn't bring any flashes or obnoxious equipment, shot for about 20 mins, and then left - making sure everything was as we found it. 

My goal this year - especially in the wedding "off" season has been to shoot more for ME and trying creative things and techniques that I don't get to experiment with during...

I can't say enough good things about Jordan and Justin. They are so kind, loving, and a ton of fun to be around! They're the kind of couple that you can tell how much they love each other because you can FEEL it when you're around them. It's intoxicating and, as a photographer, it made them a dream to photograph. 

Their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. Dallas had some crazy storms and cold temperatures a few days leading up to the wedding and everyone was nervous about how the wedding was going to go since it was on a rooftop outside. Texas and its crazy weather pulled through for us, though. We had sunny skies, warm weather, and just a little bit of wind. 

Some highlights from the day that I remember, was watching all of Jordan's bridesmaids pray over her, hearing all of the fun...

Planning this snowy engagement session during Utah's first real snow storm was a little crazy! It had snowed in the valley the day before and we weren't sure what the road conditions were going to be like! Luckily, in case you didn't know, Big Cottonwood Canyon has a traffic camera you can access online to view the road conditions! 

Long story short, we made it up the canyon to Jordan Pines Campground to shoot these snowy engagement photos. There is nothing more magical than snow falling during your session! And luckily, it started to pick up right as we were ready to leave - we played it perfectly! 

If you're planning on getting your photos done in the canyons during the winter, here are my tips:

1. Choose good footwear. Wear boots that cover your ankle and will keep you warm, bonus poi...

You know those days when everything just doesn't go according to plan? This was one of those days. 

I woke up the morning of this shoot to a message from my scheduled models saying they had to cancel on me for this afternoon. 

Like, I get it, things happen, but I had arranged for the talented Jessica Hardin Florals to make me a beautiful bouquet and had a dress from Bree Lena Designs. So it's not like I could just reschedule...I had vendors who had donated their time and talent to this shoot. After scrambling all morning to find a replacement couple, all while wrangling my 2.5 year old and my 5 month old, I had the cutest and sweetest girl reach out to me saying she was available! 

I was originally planning on a couple, but I'm so happy with how the shoot ended up. I love spending o...

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