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Curtis and Olivia's Wedding: Utah Wedding Photographer

Curtis and Olivia's wedding in St. George, Utah was absolutely beautiful! It was held in a cute local venue called The Dance Barn which was full of rustic charm. The weather was absolutely perfect and all of Curtis and Oliva's friends and family came out to help them celebrate their marriage.

Olivia had a stunning wedding dress from David's Bridal that had the most beautiful little detailing and she looked absolutely phenomenal. The ceremony was short and sweet and consisted of a lot of laughing and tender moments. One cute moment was the flower girl's (Curtis' daughter - now Olivia's daughter, too!) reaction to their first kiss! You can tell she was super excited for them to get married!

I had such a fun time spending the day with Olivia and Curtis and their families. I'm so lucky to be a wedding photographer and witness a couple's magical day unfold in front of me. And not only witness it - but capture it so the day can be retold for generations.

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