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Purple Spring Bridal Inspo: Utah Wedding Photographer

For those brides out there deciding on a Spring bridal look - look no further! I'm obsessed with this purple and yellow combination for my Utah spring or summer brides.

A soft purple or lilac color paired with the dainty look of yellow, white, and purple wildflowers is a unique look that will ensure your wedding look is not only memorable, but timeless. Since purple and yellow are complimentary colors, that color combination will never go out of style.

Pair this look with J Noelle's flowy and soft purple tulle skirt and you'll achieve the ultimate spring bridal look that is feminine, soft, and romantic. For makeup, I recommend going with a soft pallet as well with warm neutrals and bronzer for that beautiful bridal glow.

Martha Stewart Weddings said this about colorful wedding dresses:

"One easy way to express your personal style on the big day? Wear a colorful wedding dress! With so many different hues available, brides are no longer limited to only the traditional white or ivory gown.

We've seen real brides and celebrities alike wear every color of the rainbow, including pink, blue, and even black. And with every Bridal Fashion Week, our favorite designers continue to send fresh, inspired shades down the runways.

The most recent batch of wedding dresses, which debuted at Fall 2019 Bridal Fashion Week, aren't limited to the plain, crayon-box-colors you're so used to seeing, however. Get ready to see lots of gowns in cascading rainbow ombré hues. If going bold isn't your thing, be sure to bookmark the gowns that have subtle pops of color (lot's of pink and blue!)—they'll add a hint of uniqueness to your bridal look."

I don't think this trend is going out of style anytime soon - so why not embrace it!?

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