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Timpanogos Temple + Highland Gardens Wedding

This cute couple was able to be sealed at the Timpanogos Temple at the end of January. It had snowed on and off all day, but when it became time to take pictures, the snow stopped for us. The Timpanogos Temple is one of my favorite temples because the grounds are beautiful and the American Fork amphitheater is right across the street - which also offers a lot of beautiful photo-worthy spots.

Following Chris and Karen's sealing, we drove a short 5 minutes over to Highland Gardens for the dinner and reception. I love the the combination of the Highland Garden's greenhouse-vibe paired with beautiful mood lighting. After dinner and dancing, the couple did a fake-exit which was the perfect cherry on top of a wonderful day! To those wanting to do an exit, but continue partying after your photographer has left, I recommend doing a "fake exit" where all of your guests line up for fun pictures and then you go back into the venue and resume the party!

Karen and Chris were beaming the whole day! It was so fun to witness (and capture) this special day that they both had patiently waited for. They had so much support and love from their family and I'm so excited to see what life has in store for them! Congrats Karen and Chris!


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