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Essential Shots


The money shots that I make sure to get at every in-home or lifestyle newborn session.


1. The "From Afar Shot"

I love to capture a family interacting together from far away. Shooting from a distance can set the scene and showcase the client's home. The home they brought their baby to! Bonus points if I can get a door frame, or something in the foreground to add depth in the photo. It gives the feeling to the viewer that you're  looking in on an intimate, private moment. 

2. The Nursery Shot

Like the above shot, this is usually a wider shot. I really want to showcase the nursery, the decor, and the thoughtful details into these images. It could be as simple as the baby laying in their crib or mom rocking her baby in a chair. I want to utilize the furniture in the room in unique ways to highlight their baby's first room. 

alysia newborn-6_edited.jpg

3. Eyes At Camera

Getting a newborn to look straight into the camera isn't always an easy task, it takes patience and requires the newborn to be awake - which can sometimes be difficult if the newborn is very young. However, if possible, I try to make sure I get a great eyes-open shot for my clients. It's one of my personal favorite shots! 

4. Kissing Head or Cheek

A simple pose but is a sweet, must-have in every session. It can be back-lit or lit from the front and I tell my clients to kiss gently either on the forehead, nose, or the cheek farthest from the camera so I can see the baby's face. 


5. Details

Detail shots of the feet, hands, lips, hair, and eyelashes are essential and some of the most requested photos by my clients. I love doing these in a white onsie on a white bed - it really allows the newborn's skin and features to be the star of the photo. 

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