Braden + Emi Proposal: Utah Wedding Photographer

Braden came to me with an AWESOME proposal idea. He thought it would be cool to do a fake couples photo shoot and propose to her in the middle of it so that he could have awesome pictures of it as well. So I posted on my instagram story saying I needed models for a shoot - and Braden showed Emi my post, and she thought it sounded fun!

So they show up the next Friday to the location I had picked out because it had beautiful views of Utah's valley! Unfortunately I picked a mountain top on a very windy day. It was cold and Emi's hair was blowing everywhere. I literally thought we were going to be blown off the cliff. I could tell after 15 minutes of shooting, she was cold and ready to be done! So I told them we'd do one last shot and then I'd let them go. Braden took the hint, got down on one knee, and asked Emi to be his wife. I can't wait for their wedding in San Antonio this summer!

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