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Tiffany Maternity: Utah Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I met Anthony and Tiffany a few years ago. They volunteered to model for an engagement shoot photography class I was teaching at FotoFly Academy. At the time, they were recently engaged and preparing to get married. I can't believe a year has gone by since they were married and now she is pregnant with a baby boy.

When she told me she wanted to do a maternity photoshoot in the mountains and that she had a beautiful white dress, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them. This spot up Big Cottonwood Canyon wasn't an easy climb...especially for 34 week pregnant woman but it was well worth it! I knew her white dress would stand out beautifully from the dark rock of the mountain.

When people ask me what they should wear for their maternity session, I always advise a beautiful, form-fitting dress. I'm not a huge fan of the "casual" look for maternity pictures. Tiffany said she found this dress on Amazon for a super reasonable price, you can find it here. I also found this one and this one. Other places I recommend looking are Pink Blush Maternity,, and

I also recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done. If you can't afford getting your hair and makeup done, I definitely recommend false eyelashes, contouring your face, and bringing lip gloss to re-apply during your maternity session. Contouring may sound daunting - but it's SO important! Especially when your pregnant and your face becomes a little fuller in your last trimester. Contouring helps define the cheekbones and jawline, making your face appear slimmer.

If you're wondering when you should get your pregnancy/maternity photos taken, I recommend anywhere between 29-35 weeks. It really depends on which pregnancy this is for you (if it's your first, you can usually get away waiting longer versus a mom on her third pregnancy). The balance to getting great maternity photos is to make sure your belly is big enough that you look visibly and obviously pregnant, but not too far along where you are terribly uncomfortable and experience swelling.

If you are interested in booking a maternity session or learning more about my newborn packages, you can contact me through email or visit here to learn more.

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