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Utah Newborn Photographer

My in-home newborns have a special place in my heart. Even more so, my little newborns who have been adopted. You can just tell they're so loved.

The adoption process is not easy. I've had quite a few friends who have gone through the adoption process and have been in the hospital waiting for their baby to be born, who have decorated nurseries, and prepared for their little one's arrival, only to have the adoption fall through.

So when I come to a home of a family who have just adopted a new baby, I immediately feel surrounded by so much love and gratitude.

This cute family has four boys - talk about a busy household! You can tell that Ashli (the mom) was so excited to finally have a girl! She created the cutest nursery I've ever seen, had a wardrobe full of beautiful little girl clothes, and was obsessed with bows and all things girlie! We did throw in a baseball, a glove, and a hat for one picture - because, let's be honest, she's growing up with lots of boys - she's going to be surrounded by baseball!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them :).

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