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Megan and Devin: Downtown SLC, Utah Engagement Photographer

This shoot with Megan and Devin in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah was a BLAST. They were so cute together. I absolutely love photographing couples who so clearly love each other. We started on a rooftop around Exchange Place downtown and then moved to the Publik Coffee House and warmed up with some hot chocolate and finished our shoot up with a few Valentine's themed props.

One of the most common questions I get from couples looking to book me for their Utah wedding is - "do we have to come up with poses?" or "we aren't models, will you tell us what to do?." The answer is no, you will not have to come up with poses and yes, I will tell you give you guidance for what I want you to do.

My favorite way to get couples to open up at the beginning of shoots is to get them moving. The more movement they do, the easier it is for them to forget about their bodies and what they're doing in front of the camera and just BE with their fiancé. This includes walking, running, spinning, attacking (yes, I said attacking), dipping, and so much more. My goal at the end of a shoot is to make you feel more in love and that you had a date with your man - not a photoshoot with a photographer.

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