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Utah Engagement Photographer: Pool Party Engagement Photoshoot

This was a FUN shoot. There is nothing I love more than a pool in the summer time. Add a cute couple in love and I'm sold. Most engagement photography in Utah is a cute couple photographed in the mountains or in a field. My favorite is when the couple chooses to do a shoot that is unique to THEM. I like to ask my clients, what do you two like to do together? Where was your first date? What is your dream date? Is there any place that has special meaning to you? Those questions help me (and help you) decide on a location for your pictures.

This shoot took place around 10am and half of the pool was in shade and half the pool was in the sun. This made it fun for me to shoot both the very even and smooth light from the shade as well as the harsh and more dramatic light from the sunny side of the pool. I had the couple splash in the pool, kiss, jump, snuggle, and throw each other around. They were exhausted by the end!

This shoot is also unique in the fact that I love the black and white almost more than I love the color - which NEVER happens. Which do you prefer? Comment and tell me!

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