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Clarissa + Sayer: Salt Lake City Temple LDS Wedding Photographer

I was so honored to be able to photograph Clarissa and Sayer's Salt Lake City Temple Wedding. These two are the sweetest! You can really tell they're in love and so excited to be married. Getting to the temple was a little crazy for everyone that day because there was a huge FanX conference going on. Luckily everybody was able to find parking and make it to the sealing!

I love photographing the Salt Lake City temple grounds this time of year. The flowers and trees are all fully bloomed and beautiful but the days are starting to cool off a bit. The day started off with rain and clouds but luckily by the time we were taking pictures the skies cleared and it was all sun the rest of the day!

When the bride and groom exited the temple doors, they had the biggest smiles on and you could tell they were so happy to be husband and wife. Not only were Clarissa and Sayer awesome - but their families were awesome, too! Everybody was excited, happy, and ready to celebrate the couple.

Their reception was at their grandma's house in her backyard. It was a beautiful backyard reception in Holladay, Utah. There was a beautiful white tent with tables underneath, a gorgeous display of food and desserts, a wedding cake supported by tiers of donuts, and a beautifully lit dance floor. This reception had an amazing DJ who did a thing I've never seen before and now I'm obsessed with.

He had the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and groom, and uncles of the bride surround the bride who is sitting in a chair (see pics below towards the end of the post). The DJ played "My Girl" and the group of men all sang to her while they walked around in a circle to the beat. The first chorus happens and everybody in the circle gets down on one knee and sings their hearts out to the bride. Then they resume to walking around the bride and snapping their fingers to the beat. When the chorus comes around again a second time, just the groom gets down on one knee and sings directly to the bride. When the third chorus comes, they lift her up in her chair above their heads. It was so sweet and the bride was teary eyed when her husband was singing to her. SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

They ended the night with an epic sparkler send off! Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of this romantic Salt Lake City Temple wedding.

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