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Baby Mason: Utah Baby Photographer

I got this email a few weeks ago:

"I first saw your beautiful work after Emily's session and fell in love. I sadly didn't have newborn photos done of my son...and didn't realize how important they were/how quickly the newborn phase passes! But I've regretted it everyday since and am heartbroken that I don't have sweet photos of my baby, and photos of him with me and my husband. I'm biting the bullet because he gets bigger each day that passes and I am tired regretting not getting professional photos of him. Your work is truly beautiful and would be so honored if you captured our family at this special time. I know he technically isn't a newborn, but if we could do a similar session you'd make all my mom-dreams come true!"

This cute mama isn't the first one to feel this way. In fact, second-time moms are more likely to schedule newborn photos than a first-time mom. It's not that first time mom's don't want nice pictures - but there is always a lot going on up until the birth and their minds are on a billion other things! And as a first time mom, you don't realize how foggy those first few weeks are and before you know it your baby is a month or two months old and you don't know where the time has gone!

So, do your friends/sisters/neighbors a favor and tell them to schedule newborns at least a month out from birth. That newborn, sleepy phase really only lasts two weeks and then they start becoming more awake and aware. An in-home newborn session would even make a great group baby shower gift...just sayin'!

And worse comes to worse and newborn photos are not an option (or weren't at the time), get photos done NOW of your baby! Each stage is adorable and fleeting. This little man is 4 months old and gave us so many smiles - plus we got to admire is chubby thighs and beautiful blue eyes. Hope you enjoy!

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