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Utah Brides: How to navigate Coronavirus

In light of all of the Coronavirus news, legislature, and developments - it has sent Utah brides planning their wedding into a panic. With good reason! Nobody knows when the social distancing and travel restrictions will be lifted. What started off as a "two week" measure will most likely turn into months of us rarely leaving our houses and avoiding crowds of people. I don't know for certain; of course, but it seems like this social distancing will be around longer than we think it will.

Now, if you are a Utah bride getting married in the first half of 2020 I do not want to make you panic. However, I do want to give you solutions and options in the event that when your wedding date gets closer, and there is no sign of bans on large groups of people getting lifted, you can still have a meaningful wedding day if postponing isn't an option.

Option 1: If you are planning on being sealed in an LDS temple you can have a small sealing ceremony (8 guests), pictures afterward (still only 8 guests), and postpone the reception until later this summer. If you have booked a wedding with me, I am more than happy to move around my schedule and be flexible when the time comes to reschedule your reception.

As of right now, some temples have suspended all ordinances - like the LA temple, while some temples (many in Utah) are still open but have restrictions. The Timpanogos Temple on the church's website states: "Based on First Presidency direction, temple activities have been temporarily adjusted. Where possible, living sealings and associated living ordinances will continue to be performed."

Option 2: Elope and have your wedding and reception later in the year. This is an option I hope more brides will get excited about! There are so many beautiful places in Utah to Elope. Southern Utah, for example, is great this time of year. You can avoid the snow and get warmer weather, red rock, and gorgeous views.

There is Moab, Horseshoe Bend, Zion's National Park, Snow Canyon, and so many other great state and national parks to choose from. I'll find you an officiant and we can go on a fun adventure! Plus, how cool would it be to stay your wedding night in a yurt in Utah's beautiful desert?

You will get EPIC photos, be married, and when everything dies down you can have a ring ceremony/wedding and have a reception or you can save money and just do a reception. Either way, elopements in Utah are on of my favorite things to shoot. They are extremely intimate, low stress, and a get-a-way all in one!

After all, the most important thing is that you marry the love of your life and get to spend forever with that person. I hope that, if anything, this virus pandemic has taught us what we should truly value in our lives - and no, that's not toilet paper! It is our connection to one-another, our families, and the love and service we can provide one another.

I am currently still taking Utah brides and photographing engagements, bridals, and small ceremonies that fall within the government and venue guidelines during this time. It breaks my heart that brides who have been planning for their special day now are thrown into limbo! My commitment is to help my brides through this tough time and workout the best possible solution during these circumstances.

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