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Macy & Dallin: Tunnel Springs Intimate Elopement

Like most couples during this crazy time, Macy and Dallin were devastated that their wedding plans were not going to work out how they had originally planned. Their plan was to get sealed in the temple, have a luncheon, and then follow that up with a big reception - a typical LDS summer wedding in Utah. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the couple had to change their plans. And while their original plans are currently on hold, I have to admit that their backup plan was pretty spectacular.

When Carmen, Macy's mom, called me telling me the couple wants to move up their date and asked if I knew anywhere that they could do a civil ceremony, for free (or really cheap) since they are still budgeting for their plans later in the year, I suggested Tunnel Springs. I knew it would be the perfect place to have a beautiful intimate wedding/elopement.

On the day of the wedding, we lucked out! The weather was gorgeous and the sun even went behind the clouds the whole ceremony giving everyone some reprieve from the sun. The views were spectacular, it felt very secluded, and the ceremony itself may have brought tears to my eyes. The couple read some beautiful vows to each other and were given some great advice and words about marriage and love.

My favorite part of the event was the "exit" where the siblings through popcorn instead of rose petals or rice. One of the brothers was eating a bag of smartpop and I mentioned how it would be funny to throw that since they didn't plan on doing anything! Turns out, popcorn looks great in pictures!

All in all, I'm so excited for Macy and Dallin to start their journey together! They've already proved they can handle adversity together and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for the two of them. Love you guys!

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