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Katelyn & Devin: Utah Backyard Wedding

When it comes to COVID-19, I've seen brides and their families use creativity to turn a hard situation (i.e. totally throwing away your original wedding plans, starting from scratch, and making sure to keep everyone feeling safe and healthy) into a great one! The Ryser family did just that. There were sanitizers in cute containers placed on every table and signs telling everyone to stay 6 feet apart. They created the perfect backyard ceremony space and reception space.

Katelyn and Devin were high school sweethearts and always knew they were going to get married. You could just tell that they were so excited to finally get sealed - which happened earlier in the day - and then have a ring ceremony for their friends and family in their backyard. The two have so much comfort with each other and you can tell that they feel "at home" when they're around the other person. I'm feel so privileged I was able to spend the afternoon and evening with their families and capture their wedding day!

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