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How To Prepare for your Maternity Session

As a Utah-based maternity and lifestyle newborn photographer, I get asked all of the time - "What do I wear at my maternity session?" or "How can I look amazing in my maternity photos?".

I've broken down all of my tips, tricks, and professional guidance to make sure you have an amazing experience and that you are in love with your maternity photos.

1. Wear A Long Dress.

Wearing a long dress has quite a few benefits. The first being that it will help elongate your body. Wearing a knee-length dress will cut your body up and make it look shorter when you have a baby-bump. If you don't want to go floor length, opt for mid-thigh or a midi-length. Secondly, if you have any swelling in your feet and legs, a floor-length dress will allow you to wear comfortable shoes or sandals without showing them in the pictures. My favorite places to buy maternity dresses are from,, There are also a lot of options to rent maternity dresses locally in Utah. We can go over those in our consultation.

2. Get your Hair and Makeup Professionally done.

If you're like me and you get to the end of your pregnancy feeling less like yourself and more like a beached whale, than it's time to treat yourself. In all seriousness, this is a special moment in time. You only get to carry that child inside your body for this small amount of time and it's worthy of being documented in a beautiful manner. You deserve to feel and look amazing and getting your hair and makeup done makes a huge difference.

3. Take a moment to reflect.

Take a moment before your session to reflect on why you became a mother, the connection you already have with your unborn child, and all of the things you can't wait to learn about him/her. Showing up in the right head space to your maternity photography session is key in capturing authentic, beautiful moments.

A few other things to note:

-Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and that you bring water and a snack with you. This will ensure you have enough energy and hydration to make it through the shoot - especially if it's warmer weather outside.

-Small, dainty jewelry is always classic and beautiful.

-Dress for the season and weather. I can help you pick out a dress or outfit that will go with our location.

-Make sure your fingernails and toenails are either clean and plain or freshly polished.

-I highly recommend sticking to neutrals or muted colors. There are, of course, exceptions. But my general rule is, if you want to wear, for example, pink, choose a soft light pink or a darker mauve.

-Always choose your outfit first and build the rest of your family or partner's outfit around yours.


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