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Picking out outfits: Lifestyle Newborn Edition

As a Park City and Salt Lake City Newborn photographer, one of the biggest questions I get asked from pregnant and postpartum moms is: What should I wear for my in-home session?

I've compiled some links, examples, and an explanation of tips I tell my clients:

Tip #1: Go for an empire waist, or slightly raised waist - it's universally flattering and can be worn during pregnancy and afterward!

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Tip #2: Go for soft, neutral colors and fabrics to compliment the nature of a newborn shoot.


3. If you want a print, opt for a small, delicate print - that way it won't over power your little baby in your arms. I love a small floral print, gingham, a linen texture, or eyelet!

4. Utilizing a deep V or a square neck dress can help elongate your body but showing a little skin!

5. We will be doing a lot of posing with your arms, so choose a sleeve you feel comfortable in - I love a longer sleeve with some volume for fun!

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6. You don't have to wear a dress, you can even opt for a more casual look keeping with the notion of soft, neutral colors and fabrics!

My biggest tip, however is to chose YOUR outfit first. You should look and feel confident and beautiful first and then build your families outfits around that.

If you loved these tips, check out my 5 Mistakes Moms make before their newborn session.

If you want to inquire about book a session, contact here.

Park City Utah Newborn Photographer

Park City Utah Newborn Photographer

Park City Utah Newborn Photographer


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