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Raven | Provo Lifestyle Newborn Photography

There is nothing better than NOT leaving your home after having a baby. And that is exactly what I offer to parents. The opportunity to get beautiful photos without the hassle and without the risks of leaving your home with a newborn.

When I show up, I bring my bean bag, blankets, swaddles, headbands, and usually a basket or two. I want to make sure I'm prepared for whatever the session may bring.

This little December baby had the sweetest temperament and her parents were so excited to have a little girl to dress up with all of the fun girly-things! Near the end of the session we decided to do a christmas-y shoot. I asked if they had a wreath we could use and they had the perfect sized one! It ended up being the photo they used on their Christmas cards!

Which is the other reason I LOVE in-home shoots - we can figure out ways to incorporate things that are important to you or get creative with the things you have!

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