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Studio 1062: Lifestyle Newborn Session

We all know sh** happens. The morning of this cute family's session, they show up to the studio and their cute little *almost* two year old is crying and inconsolable. She had burned her hand (severely, though they did not know that at the time) on a fireplace right before they left for their session. As they drove, they hoped she would calm down and everything would be okay.

They quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. Maria decided her husband would take her daughter to the doctor and she would stay with me to get some photos of their baby boy. I felt so bad - nobody expects an accident to happen on the day of their photos! Especially photos that are so time-sensitive. We made a game plan to reschedule the family portion of the photos for a date in the future. No big deal!

We were able to get beautiful shots of her new baby and a month later we got the family photos! As a mom myself, I totally understand that accidents happen, kids have bad days, kids get hurt, and sh** happens. I'm more than happy to see what I can do to accommodate you and the circumstances because family pictures are already stressful enough! I just want all of my clients to know, I got your back.


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