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Utah Family Photographer: One Year Old Cake Smash

I had the honor of photographing this little cutie when she was a newborn. I was thrilled when I was also hired to photograph her one year old birthday pictures and cake smash pictures.

After photographing families for over 8 years - I was photographing 5-6 families a day, 5 days a week at FotoFly for a solid 3 years. I saw and worked with A LOT of children. One year olds are always a little tricky - they are starting to get stranger danger and may take a little bit to warm up to you and may be clingy to their mom. This little one was the exception.

Right after her and her mom came into the studio, she was crawling around, exploring her surroundings, and became super interested in the toys I had brought to help get her to smile. And, as you can see from the pictures below, she had no shortage of smiles. She warmed up to me right away and was quick to give me a grin.

We also made sure to get plenty of shots with her snuggling with mom - I know that those are the pictures that will mean the most to the mom in the future.

If you're in Utah and your little one is about to turn one, contact me here and we will get you on my schedule.


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