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Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: In-Home Session

I love newborn sessions! Especially when they're an "in-home" session. This beautiful family chose to come to my house for a lifestyle newborn shoot with their new baby girl and their two-year old son.

When photographing newborns, I love to keep things neutral! I love soft materials, adding different textures, and keeping the colors muted. It allows the images to appear cozy, soft, delicate, and sweet.

If you're wanting to get a sibling shot - but are nervous about how to get a newborn and a two year old in the same shot, I have a few different poses I like to try depending on the child since a two year old can rarely hold a sibling well. The first is to lay them both on their backs on my beanbag or on a bed and the second is to get the two year old on their tummy! Usually one of those two poses will work - even with the rowdiest of kids!


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