Wedding planning can be stressful. I'll share some of my tips on what to wear for your engagement session, wedding trends for 2021, and tips for your reception! 


What should we wear? 


My clothing recommendations will vary depending on location. But my go-to rules are always, make sure it fits YOU and that you feel comfortable and awesome in it.


Busier Nature Locations: (AKA a background that has a lot going on like the canyons, greenhouses, wildflower fields, etc.). Avoid super busy patterns like plaid, bold floral prints, etc. and instead focus on textures. 


Textures: velvet, chunky knit sweaters, dresses with tights, jackets, linen, etc. Textures can really add subtle pops and dimension to your outfits without overwhelming the image. 


Color: Always make sure your color makes sense with the season and the location. For busier, nature locations in the Spring/Summer I love lighter colors like lavender, soft pink, soft denim, tans, whites/creams, muted greens, navy etc. In the fall/winter mustard yellow, maroon, tans, blacks, white/creams, denim, and navy all look great. 


Jewelry: Also, keep it simple. We don’t want to detract too much attention from the love we are creating in the images. Think a simple gold necklace or a few delicate necklaces layered. A small gold hoop earring always looks effortlessly chic and a simple gold bracelet can add a little sophistication. We really want to show off that ring!


Hands and Feet: If you are wearing open toed shoes make sure you have nicely manicured toes in a subtle color. Since we will be doing up close ring shots, make sure your nails are either free of nail polish or have had a recent manicure or coat of nail polish. One of my favorite hacks for photos are to buy the KISS imPRESS press-on nails. You can get them at target, Walmart, or online. They are super easy to put on and last 1-2 weeks. www.impressmanicure.com 


Tanning: I’m a huge fan of adding a little color to your face, arms, neck, chest, and legs for pictures. A sun-kissed glow makes you seem healthy and vibrant. There are so many products out there, go experiment! A few products that get rave reviews are: St. Tropez, Isle of Paradise tanning drops (great for your face), and Tanned AF (you can get this at Walmart). There are also many people who give professional spray tans, check out @staygolden_ut, she charges $20. Highly recommend! 


Makeup: I will always recommend to have your makeup professionally done; however, if budget or other restraints don’t allow for that, here are a few tips: 

1. Wear a tiny bit more makeup than normal. Trust me, it’s a camera thing. 

2. Bring lipgloss or your lipstick to the session. Chapped lips are very hard to fix in    editing and lips with subtle color or shine on them helps brighten up your face. 


Engagement Session



No surprise here, but large, loose, asymmetrical bouquets are still in. Stay away from tight, circular bouquets.. You can also expect to see a lot of warm neutrals, rust and muddy-type hues in 2022. 

Wedding Colors

Light blue is a strong color this year - the classic blue and white has always been a wedding favorite. If you pair the light blue with regency-era accents - you'll get strong Bridgeton vibes. 

Lilac/Lavender are having a year. It'll be one of the most popular colors this year. Pair this pastel with pale yellow, bubblegum pink, and mint green for a whimsical rainbow effect that will give you Taylor Swift Lover vibes. 

Neutrals are staying strong in 2022. You can expect to see a lot of the bohemian vibe with warm taupe, ivory, and dusty rose this year. 

Intimate Weddings

Unfortunately COVID-19 is still going strong and is continuing having an impact on our society. Many couples are opting for more intimate weddings and elopements. You can plan an intimate dinner - think a beautiful tablescape under a tent filled with florals or forego the reception all-together or plan an elopement in Southern Utah amongst the red rocks or on top of a mountain in SLC or at dusk at the Salt Flats.  

Ceremony now, Temple Later

If you're an LDS bride, chances are your mother will cringe with what I'm about to say. But I'm going to say it. Many brides are deciding to have a civil ceremony, dinner, and reception and having their sealing on another day. There are many reason brides are choosing to do this: a) you're very limited on who can be at the temple and how much time you're allotted at the temple to take pictures. b) My brides have found that by having their sealing on a separate day, it makes the sealing more special and less stressful and c) More family members can participate in witnessing your wedding. 



2021 Wedding Trends

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Sneak Peek-19.jpg

Forego The Line

Don't be scared to buck the tradition of doing a "line." Parents expect this but the line tends to be you standing around, not enjoying YOUR party, greeting people you may or may not know. Instead, walk around a greet and mingle with people as they sit and eat or between dances on the dance floor. 

A Reception is not an Open House

Also something that is very foreign among the LDS population. A reception is NOT an open house. But a lot of times it is treated as such (I.e. invite everyone you know and everyone your parents know in the hopes of getting a lot of presents). Which usually leads to a line, guests shuffling in and out, and you not enjoying yourself. Instead, treat a reception like a party. Everyone shows up, eats dinner and dances the night away. 

Do An Exit

Absolutely do some sort of exit. There are many options - sparklers, confetti, glow sticks. It makes for some great pictures and helps the guests know that it is time to head out! 

COVID Friendly

If you're wanting to make your wedding "covid-friendly" you can provide all the guests with matching face masks, set up sanitizing stations around the venue, and opt for non-buffet style food. Bonus points if you can hold your reception outdoors! 

Hire a DJ

If you're wanting to have a great dance party and have a reception that flows and stays on schedule, I absolutely recommend hiring a DJ. They will keep things running on schedule by announcing what "event" is next, play the best songs to get people up and dancing on the dance floor, and they are great at keeping things exciting!